Meeting Mel

I’m not sure of the exact date but sometime around 1984 I met Mel. We were both working in a small rural hospital, she was the administrative assistant and I was a nurse. We spent a great deal of time (most of it on the hospital’s time) discussing how we would solve the problems of the hospital and brainstorming about what business we could start so we didn’t have to work for someone else. Those ideas never really developed but a long and strong friendship did.
Over the years that followed each of our lives had many ups and downs. We would go weeks and occasionally even months and not see each other but we both knew that a friend was just a phone call away and the friendship would resume where it left off. Lunch dates, shopping trips, and get-togethers were not needed to keep the relationship alive. No demands. When we could get together it was casual and mostly catching up. Flattery and adulation for each other were rarely exchanged. Respect and trust were always there. Mel is always the best listener. You can tell her anything and never hear judgment or unsolicited advice. I’m sure she has heard more about my life than she ever wanted to know.
Now that our children are older, we are able to meet for a pedicure and lunch, or a shopping trip to our favorite market. We visit by phone, webcam, and the internet. We are still brainstorming about that business that will make us independent. I’m sure sometimes I look forward to seeing and visiting with Mel more than my family.

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