Last of the Snow Photos…I Promise

Snow photos are beautiful, but they just can’t convey the “feel” of the snowy scene, can they?  Lost in all that whiteness and fluff is the feel of the cold, the sound of a world gone still and silent, and the burn of your quads and lungs as you trudge along, lugging camera, lenses and tri-pod.  But, hey, I still love ’em, so I’ve got some more to share with you.  These will be the last ones, so don’t go begging me to post more awesome snow photos, ’cause I’ll just have to tell you NO.  We’ll haul them out again in July, O.K.?

This tree is pretty great to begin with, but when dusted in a heavy layer of confectioner’s sugar…breathtaking.

The birdbath transformed.

Rustic country beauty captured at my neighbor’s house.

And, finally…

A landscape fit for Currier & Ives.

Tomorrow:  Rising temperatures and lots of mud.

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