Cabin Fever or TV Overload

We woke to another day of white everywhere.  The only difference today from yesterday is the white is no longer sparkling and unblemished.  It has many flaws and  mud is starting to rapidly appear.  The #2 son called this am and ask if we would like to meet him and his family for lunch.  That was an easy one to answer.  YES, YES, why didn’t you call before now?  This meant there would actually be people to talk to (they might even answer me),  there would be little chance of anyone getting shot, and the noise level would be half of what I have had to endure the last few days

My hubby and I both retired from our long-held jobs in 2002.  We knew we were very lucky to retire at this time in our lives.  We anxiously anticipated not dealing with the everyday stress, and doing more of the things we had always dreamed of doing.  Little did I know that this meant that my husband would be watching a considerable amount of television.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy TV, just not to the degree or volume that he does.  Did I mention he is hard of hearing?  I did not know this before we retired.  Nor did I know that constant noise can send me running from the house to the barn clutching my head and asking God to not let me do harm to this kind man.

I have survived gun battles, wars, extreme fighting, the “f” word screamed repeatedly, dinosaur battles, and cars racing over and over!  No ipod  can drowned out these.  There have been many educational lessons too.  Did you know, that Yellowstone National Park is on the verge of a major volcanic eruption, a meteorite could destroy us at any moment, as could a major earthquake or tsunami?   Please don’t even get me started on global warming.  I’m pretty sure I have heard almost every insect, mammal, reptile, bird, and anything else that moves on earth, reproduce.

The noise situation improved briefly when we visited an audiologist and purchased $5000.00 hearing aids.  They work great, when he wears them.   But when it is just the two of us in the house, it just doesn’t occur to him to wear them.

With the snow and cold I have not been able to run to the barn or anywhere.  Today’s lunch invitation was a blessing.  The meal was nothing to brag about but the company was great.  Grandchildren are always a great diversion.  Their innocence and enthusiasm are so refreshing.  The snow and wet were still here when we arrived home but the trapped feeling gone.  It appears there will be an end to the constant TV as things dry up and the hubby can resume his work outside.  Thank you, Son!

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