Saturday Yard Sale

Since I’m new to the global neighborhood of Blogdom, my thoughts and ideas are terribly scattered.  Difficult to pick and choose from so many post possibilities.  Therefore, time to clear the clutter!  These bits and pieces are free.  However, I may have to reclaim them at a later date.

  • Dreamed about my best friend from childhood last night.  She was singing in a talent show or something.  Need to locate her and make sure all is well in her life.  You should do the same with your long-lost best friend.

    My Son #1 spent several hours over the past couple of days clearing snow off the county roads in our little corner of Wise.  And, dislodging stuck vehicles.  Including his own truck…twice.  Any excuse to drive a tractor.  (Oops!  Snow photo alert!)

  • Son #2 worked to rescue the trampoline from certain death-by-snow.I am rather sad that neither one of them is interested in building a snowman anymore.  (Insert Nostalgic Mommy Sigh here.)

  • I want one of these: 

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner for the Macintosh

  • You can read about it here:


  • Very cool.  Anybody have one of these?  I’ll trade you a rarely-used bread machine for it.  Jo is teaching me to bake bread the “real” way.  See?:


  • The capability to track your child’s grades and attendance online is both a blessing and a curse, isn’t it?

  • How do you start a garden in this weather?  I know the onions and potato starts have arrived at the feed stores, but, good grief, planting a garden in the snow?

  • Everyone should include these poses/moves in their yoga practices:


  • What?!  You don’t have a yoga practice?  Well, get one.  You need it (everyone does) and you can do it the rest of your life.  I’m not kidding you about this.

  • Lordy, the thought of going to the grocery store on a Saturday is making me re-think my aversion to planting a garden in the snow.  Not sure which is worse.

  • Would really, REALLY love to take the kids to see the final space shuttle launch.  (

  • Is there anything better than soaking in a deep, hot bubble bath after being encased in the same thermal long johns for a couple of days?  Well, probably, but that was pretty terrific.

  • Just want to say that starting a blog should probably be easier than Jo and I have made it this week.  Lots of reading, researching, re-reading (“What’s that mean?”  “I have no clue.”), envisioning, writing, deleting, re-writing (“Oh, to heck with it, just do it, we can re-do it later!”)…well, you get the picture.  Anyway, hope to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

  • OK, now, to Market, to Market to buy a fat…avocado?  Don’t ask me to rhyme anything with that.

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