Thank You, Sam

On the afternoon of February 13th, 1991, I was at  my hairdresser’s  getting a long overdue perm.   It had been a long hard day at work.  I was looking  forward to allowing someone else to work on me while I just hung out.   At that time, Sam had been my hairdresser for 6 years.   Her  shop was small with two other hairdressers.  Vicious gossip was never allowed in Sam’s shop,  but there was always lots of catching up  about everyone’s kids and mutual friends.    Eventually the talk got around to what I had done  lately.   It didn’t take long to answer.  My life consisted of working and keeping up with two teenagers and a 6 hear old.  Having time to take a bubble bath was a real luxury.  Sam then ventured where she never had with me.  “Are you dating?'”   Well, no I wasn’t.  There had been a few dates  but nothing worth talking about.  Sam explained she had a customer, about my age, who  asked her to “fix”  him up with someone.   She described him as  a very hard working , quiet, clean, and non-smoking gentleman.   She had cut  his hair for 8 years.  She continued  in length to explain all his qualities.  I resisted for sometime because he had only been divorced for a short time.  But after two hours of perm fumes  and  constant persuasion I gave her my phone number to pass on.   A week later he called and we set up a blind date.    I was working extra shifts, on the  weekends so Sunday afternoon was the only available day.

We had our first date on Sunday the 24th, a hamburger and movie.  He was quiet, polite, and a gentleman.  With big blue eyes, and a great smile, pretty much everything Sam had said was correct.  She did leave out that she wasn’t really cutting his hair, more rearranging  the few he had.   Oh well, you can’t have everything.  The evening passed rapidly as we talked and caught up on the last 40 years of our lives.  We called it an early night  because we both had to work early the next morning.  The next week we visited two or three times and made arrangements to go out on Friday.  After that we saw each other everyday.    Within a few weeks we introduced four of our five children to each other.    Everyone got along fantastically and it wasn’t long until we were planning on getting married.  The kids thought it was a great idea.    We  married on June 1st.  After a short honeymoon to New Mexico, we returned home  and moved everyone in together.  Oh my, for two mature adults we were not very smart.  Moving 4 teenagers and one 6-year-old into the same house made for a wild and crazy summer.   With the 6-year-old, NO ONE  got along. The youngest had the best of both worlds, he had a new brother and sister, step dad, and a everyone liked him.    Somehow we all survived the summer and 19 years.   My husband and I managed to hold the marriage together despite our kids and all the baggage that we both brought into it.   All the children are adults now, 4 have taken spouses, and we have 6 grandchildren.  The family is growing and we are proud of all of them.  Every year around Valentines day we think about Sam and laugh.  If she hadn’t been such a great “match maker’ where would we be now?

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