Harbingers of…Summer!

Whaddya say we just skip spring, O.K.?

Around Wise, spring can be cold, wet, blustery, and…snowy, for gosh sake!  Enough with the Easter sunrise services wrapped in your -40-degree-rated sleeping bag and hunting Easter eggs in your mittens.

Let’s go straight to the heat that bakes your lawn and your eye-balls.  The heat that puts those beautiful shimmery mirages on the highway in front of you.  The heat that makes it ridiculous and unnecessary to wear pantyhose (who does that?) and make-up.


O.K., how ’bout this:  Let’s look at some cool birds.

Yesterday, I saw meadowlarks, mockingbirds AND one of my long-lost roadrunners.  I was so happy to see them all, because I am certain they sense a smidgen of warmth in the earth and air.

(Sorry I didn’t get photos of them, but I really did see them.)

So, let’s look at the ones I’ve actually photographed recently.

Eight days ago.  Taken at Jo’s house.  A cardinal enjoying the sunshine.

Five Days Ago.  Cardinals and others waiting out the most recent snow storm.

Also, five days ago.  My one, sad little guinea, wondering “what the hey?!”.

Now, today, you can see, there is still snow on the ground…

…but, being outside is so much nicer.  Isn’t it Miss Tuffy?

Don’t let the scowl fool you.  Or, the fact that she’s hugging the door frame, ready to bolt inside at the first opportunity.  She really is happy to be outside.

While photographing Miss Grumpy Puss, I heard such a happy racket.  It was obviously meadowlarks I was hearing, but I had no idea how many!

See this tree?

Here, get a closer look…

Hmmm…not as close a shot as I was hoping.  Anyway, there are at least 30 meadowlarks in the top of the tree, all singing at the tops of their little birdy lungs!  They sounded like a summer day on steroids.

Even Tuffy heard the ruckus…

…and, came down from the porch, and onto the actual grass, to check out the excitement.

Yep.  It was a busy day in our little corner of Wise.

Time for a nap.

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