Crazy, Long To-Do List

Busy, busy in our little corner of Wise, today.  And, who isn’t, right?
So, I’ll just be posting a short update for now, until I can think of something truly stunning and jaw-dropping to post.
Here’s one side of my desk:
Maybe you can tell I am trying to assemble a costume for Son #2, as he and the One-Act Play Troupe prepare to attend a workshop/clinic tomorrow.  I’m working on knee-britches right now.  Already have a waistcoat.  (Yes, his costume would be something like the illustrations on the left…not the antebellum, hoop skirt thing on the right.  You guys!)
Also, working on a donkey basketball event for Band Boosters.
I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  But, I do a lot of things I don’t fully understand.  My goal is to raise lots of money for scholarships.  The End.
Hold on.  There’s someone at the door.
Oh, wow!
Look what my great neighbors, Ann and Paul, brought to me…
How awesome of them!
Anne saw this post ( where I said I wanted one of these:
The HP scanner they’ve delivered does much the same thing, so I can’t wait to get it set up, and try it out.
Thanks, Neighbors!  I’ll be sending Son #1 and the tractor down to your place this weekend to work on your driveway.
Jo and I traveled to “town” yesterday, and ran a few errands.  I took along the camera thinking (hoping) something worth blogging about would happen to us crazy girls.  These were the best photos of the day:
Jo on the phone.
Mel in the mirror.
Yeah, I know.
O.K., everybody, back to work!

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