Ghost Deer

Yesterday (Saturday) was a beautiful day!  Even if not compared to the past, I don’t know, 100 DAYS of cold, clouds, rain, sleet, snow, gloom and doom,  more snow…it was a beautiful day.  Clear, blue skies, sunshine, upper 50’s temperature, and very little wind.  All combined, it restored the soul, and buoyed hope that spring is near.
Happily, dusk and evening were just as lovely.  No wind, clear skies, huge full moon.

As I was absorbing this peaceful scene, I noticed two of our “regulars”, grazing silently just beyond the driveway.  So, I attempted to take their photo, but I’m afraid most of the shots were out of focus.  Too much movement, too little light, and too slow a shutter speed.  However, the resulting “ghost deer” pictures are kind of interesting, I think.
Yes, I’m easily entertained.
I think that’s one deer.  Maybe two.
Oh, deer!  Her head is a little fuzzy.
(I know the feeling, sister.)
Oh, thank you for standing still half a second.  What a sweetie!
Parting shot…
“O.K., so much for standing still.  We’re out of here, you dumb woman!”
And, that was my Saturday night in Wise.  Much like every other Saturday night here.  But, that’s O.K.  Not sure I could stand much more excitement than that.
O.K., gotta go make pancakes.

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