I Went to Jo’s Today

And, I spent about an hour there.  Wanted to take some photos for our Yoga pages.  Which we’ve yet to launch.  But, we will soon.  Promise.  Yes…pinky-swear.
Anyway, Jo is starting a new project…Can you tell what it is?
She has a perfectly lovely kitchen.  I don’t know why she would do this to it?  (Wow.  I just noticed the chisel in the wall.  Next to the outlet.  Geez.)
So, I’m looking at this mess…um, project…she is doing.  And, she is showing me tile and granite…and, I’m thinking of my poor little 20-year-old Formica back home, wondering how I can piece together this wonderful tile back at my place…and I see this developing situation outside:
Clearly, Mr. Cardinal is waiting patiently, politely, while the gluttonous, common sparrow(?) gets his fill.
Or, maybe, he’s wondering what the heck those two daffy women are doing staring at him from the house portal.
Here, he has just realized that there is NO WAY in the world he can fit inside that fast-food globe.  He is miffed!  And, that common consumer sparrow just keeps on stuffing his face!
“C’mon, guy!  Throw me some seed, here!
Seriously.  You finished, yet?  What a pig!
O.K., I’ve had my fun.
And, we’re back to why I really went to Jo’s today:
We are trying to get our Yoga series written and polished and online to you.
We worked on the photos of yoga poses, or asanas.
But, Karl’s elk head kept getting in the shot.
Doesn’t go well with ahimsa.  Look it up.
Anyway, we’re really wanting the yoga information to be thorough and helpful, but simple and user-friendly.
Kind of like us.
P.S. – Jo is demonstrating Triangle pose for you here.  And, doing it quite well, I might add.  You’re gonna love it.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “I Went to Jo’s Today

  1. I am insanely jealous of that Cardinal view outside your window. I saw pidgeon feathers outside my back door the other day! Go Tom! I an also insanely jealous of Joans ability to touch her toes! I am looking forward to your Yoga tips!

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