3rd Friday of Lent

The day started, at 3:45 am, to the startling sound of the alarm.  The night was short and the day would be long.  The cat snuggled down  in her chair and refused to recognize that the lights were on and I was moving about.  I went by and rubbed her head, she responded by curling up into a ball and squeezing her eyes tight.  While pulling her blanket over her I briefly, entertained the idea that life as a cat had its advantages.  There was just enough time to jump in the shower, do my hair, dress, grab scrubs, feed the calf, and head to the gym for my 5:00 am yoga class.  After yoga I had 5 min to change into my scrubs and head upstairs to the surgical floor.  Pre-op holding was busy and the time passed rapidly.  By noon all the patients were in and settled in their beds.  It was  time to meet my son and granddaughter for lunch and a trip to the park.  I was back home by 3:45 pm.   I then checked on the calf, watered the garden, pulled a few weeds, caught up on the news, paid a bill or two, and chatted with my daughter, son, and granddaughter via webcam, and then talked with the younger daughter on the phone.  While setting still for a few minutes the effects of the early morning started to take over, all ambition and energy left.

The hubby was gone, so simple comfort food was in order.  Chunky peanut butter and raisins on fresh bread and a cold glass of milk.  The cat and I sat in the living room, she kept a watchful eye on me, as I enjoyed every bite and watched Wheel of Fortune.

Lent is a time of reflection and meditation, a time to review your life, beliefs, and goals.  As I sat and watched the sun go down, in the peace and quiet of my home,  I slowly reviewed my life.   No great revelations came,  just a nice peace of mind and appreciation of the many gifts I’ve been given.   I’m sure if I could see the scales that show the  balance between received and giving, that the scales would be  heavy on the received side.   Hopefully, I’m learning about and getting better at giving and serving.

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