A Good Sign

Attention, northern states:  the Sandhill Cranes are on their way.  In fact, they may already be there.  Several flocks honked over Wise last Sunday, pointing their “V”-formation in your direction.  They flew relatively low, but they were really moving!
It was a good sign.
Of course, there have been signs since…January?  Since that warm-snap in THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, there have been frogs peeping down in the creek.
They quieted down a little in February, when it did this:
But, they were soon back at it, even when temps were in the 30’s.  So, although peepers are a very good sign, they’ve proven to be a tad unreliable.
Silly frogs.
Then came the meadowlarks.
Trees full of them!  I would have declared Winter OVER right then and there…if the calendar hadn’t said otherwise.
But, now…tah dah…this:
And, this…
A wonderful, surprising sign.  Quite unexpected after so much frozen precipitation and so many gray days.  How lovely!  And, welcome.  And, fragile.  Please, oh please, don’t let it ice or snow between now and next…say, January?
One other sign:  The fertilizer trucks are rolling in Wise.  So, those of you who can afford to nourish your pastures, better get busy, because this:
…is on the way.
Ah!  Spring in Texas!

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