Time to Hit the Road!

I’m not sure the weather could have been any prettier yesterday.
Beautiful clear, blue Texas skies, temps in the lower 70’s, and a breeze from the north.
Not too cool, but definitely not too hot.  Just right.
I spent most of my day in my travel trailer.  Cleaning, organizing, minimizing.  WRR (101.1 FM) on the radio.  Nice.
Having a travel trailer makes you question the importance of every single item that goes into it.  You take only what you need and nothing more.
When you are forced to choose the most important things, you question the importance of everything.
Necessary…..or, not?
Absolutely necessary.  Trust me, when the time comes to connect the sewer hose to the dump hook-up…or, worse yet, disconnect it…you will sell your first-born child to have some of these.
What about these?
The books have some very good pre-GPS/iPhone/Google Maps-era information.  Could come in handy if you’re kicked out of the car in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a compass.  I was hoping my boys would read them sometime.  Still hoping.  The basket is full of cards and dominoes.  They’re staying, too.
And, all this?  Surely, some of these can be purged.
Since I already removed the ice cream scoop and the cheese grater, what’s left is pretty much all essentials.  And, since I may get to Napa some day, the pretty red corkscrew stays.
This?  Seriously?
Yes, this little sucker weighs a ton, but I’ve used it more than the trailer’s gas stove.   Maybe I should take out the stove.
My travel trailer may be my most favorite place to be.
It is my transport pod!
In it, I am transported to all the places we’ve traveled over the past two years.
I’m at Woodward Ranch, in Big Bend country, collecting agates.

I’m at Grand Canyon.

Palo Duro Canyon.
I’m at Yellowstone.
Grand Tetons.

And, I am there with my sons.
Only the most important things are allowed in my travel trailer.
Happy trails!

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