The Good Habit

Like all good habits, blogging can be hell difficult to begin and maintain.
I say “good”, because I really do feel this blogging thing is therapeutic and cathartic.  Informative, educational, inspiring.
Maybe, even, entertaining.
So, what’s been holding me back from all this goodness these days?
Is it the self-imposed daily schedule of trying to write a post?  Every.  Single.  Day?  Yuk!  That’s work.
Is it the lack of good material?  God knows raising two sons should be fodder for volumes and volumes of adventures.
Is it the competitiveness of the blogging scene that keeps us self-confidence-challenged newbies from just throwing it all out there…poor grammar, bad spelling, and all?
Or, is it the fear of not creating a quality product?
Um.  Yes.  All that!
I want to give you great photos, intriguing views, insightful glimpses, clever accounts, thoughtful opinions.
And, keep you comin’ back for more.
To that end, I have been snapping lots of photos, attending Shakespearean plays…
Award-winning cast of our school’s U.I.L. one-act play production, “Scenes from Twelfth Night, or What You Will”.
…and donkey basketball games?!
(Photo courtesy of our school’s Webmaster, Extraordinaire.)
Yes, truly a post of its own!
Springing forward.  And, falling back.
Planning trips, planning parties, planning banquets.
Planning futures.
Looking ahead.  Not looking back.  Not yet.
And, trying desperately to enjoy the moment…before checking it off, and moving on to the next item on the list.
So, please bear with me.
I’m developing the good habit of writing it all down…before it’s gone forever.
In the meantime…
Happy Spring!

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