Breathtaking Roses!

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Breathtaking, indeed!
By the way, before we get knee-deep in roses,  (Jo says) I’m supposed to be writing a page about “breathing”, as in “yogic breathing”,  for the yoga side of our blog.  May I just say:  I assume…and, hope…you are still breathing, and please, continue to do so, because, right now, I just HAVE to show you these roses.  We will talk about breathing later.  So, in the meantime, keep doing it.
All kidding aside, in yoga, “breath”  is everything.  I’m honored to be chosen to write about it.
Really.  Brace yourself for an exciting read.
Now, back to the roses.
This morning I watched Son #2 board a charter bus headed for a band competition in San Antonio.  Pretty cushy ride, compared to the standard school bus used for all other band trips.  He’s excited to be going, and I know he’ll be fine, and the band will perform well.  They (the band) are such an amazing group of kids, and I’m glad he’s part of it.
Anyway, after waving good-bye to my second-born, I headed back to my favorite plant nursery, Decatur Garden Center.  I say “back”, because I had been there earlier this week, buying tomato, pepper, and herb plants.
And, geraniums.
All this warmer weather makes me plant-crazy.
After picking out 3 more varieties of mint (!), I ventured past the greenhouses, past the shrubs (Good grief!  How many varieties of Photinia can you have?), and found myself here:
Rose nirvana.
Maybe you’ve seen more roses elsewhere, but all this color amassed in one place,  just waiting for me to take them all home…well, I thought it was breathtaking.
Decatur Garden Center, you did good!
Just so you know, in Texas, the city of Tyler is synonymous with roses.
And, I’ve always wanted to go to the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham.
Anyway, because I wanted to share the beauty, I took some pictures:
Do these not look good enough to eat?!  I’ve seen striped petunias and pansies, and variegated everything, but these!?  I’ve no words.
I am astounded by the variations in color of this single bloom.  Orange, tangerine, salmon, coral, sunset,  orange/red.  It’s endless.
I promise you, this multi-petaled beauty is a gorgeous purple.  I just want to bury my face in it!  It is a color so splendid, my camera could not capture its’ true beauty.  I’ll have to go back and try again.
(Son #2 just called.  They are passing through Austin at this very moment.  God bless Texas!)
These lovely white roses were like a serene calm in a sea of riotous color.  The blooms weren’t very large, but were very full, ruffled, old-fashioned creaminess.  I love ’em!
And, finally, because I know you’re getting antsy and want to go rose-shopping for yourself, we have…
A profusion of pink/red loveliness!  May I load up a cart-full  for you?
Did I mention the fragrance of these roses?  Heavenly.  Rose heaven-ly.  Some had very little, while others were the roses of your youth.
You know.  Roses smelled so incredibly wonderful back in the summer of ’42.  Or, ’72.  ’92?  Whenever it was you were last barefoot and suntanned, chasing butterflies and horny-toads, dripping popsicles off your chin.  Last year?  Alrighty, then.
All of the roses I saw today, seem to be from Weeks Roses.  Their website will make you crazy.
Good crazy.
And, did I mention the names of these roses?  Ohmygosh, again!
About Face, Julia Child, Ebb Tide, Drop Dead Red, George Burns, Summer Love.
The creativity.  The color.  The sublime beauty.
It may be too much for me at one time.
I should pace myself.
Funny thought:  After reviewing all of the shots, I noticed I did not have any individual photos of yellow roses.
Hmmm.  Interesting.  Full-blood, born-and-raised Texan…and, no yellow roses?  I don’t know what to say.  Perhaps being a natural blonde (no comments) has something to do with it.  Being a natural blonde (no comments), I tend to shy away from yellow.
It makes me look peaked.
You might be thinking that I took one of each of those beautiful roses home with me.
No.  Not this time.
I bought only one.
This one:
I know it doesn’t look as spectacular as some of the others.  Especially when photographed in my not-yet-green yard full of weeds.  But, it is a lovely, dusty, dusky, muted red rose.  And, its’ name is…

Cinco de Mayo.
And, it is for my daughter (by marriage), born on May 5th.
She loves to garden and she has done much of her own landscaping, so I hope this lovely rose finds a home at her home.
But, I must tell you, as lovely as this rose is, Anna’s individuality, and beauty, and strength puts this rose to shame.
My toes and I hope you have a good weekend.  Now, get outside!

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