I May Be Grounded

Not sure, but I may never be allowed in Jo’s vehicle again.
Yep.  Grounded for life.
You see, Jo seems to think I suffer from road rage, but I don’t think it’s road rage if I am in the passenger seat.
Whatever it’s called, it is a condition which makes me tell her where to go, how to drive, when to merge and when to honk at dumb inattentive drivers.
And, sometimes, I yell stuff.  But, not at Jo.  Although, she may think it’s aimed at her.
I may need to apologize for the yelling.
Today, she also pointed out that I tend to grab the armrest often, as if preparing for imminent impact.
Yeah, I noticed that, too.  Probably should apologize for that, as well.
Anyway, Jo is a good, safe, competent driver, who happily drives me around on all our outings.  However, every time I get out of her car after a trip to town, I am pretty sure she vows to never let me back in it.
But, honestly, I’m not in a rage over all the seemingly rude and idiotic unsafe driving out there.
I’m just very, VERY disappointed.
And, more than a little concerned.  I have children out there, you know?
So, please, gentle readers!  Help me return to my normally kind, serene, compassionate self.
I know YOU are safe and law-abiding drivers, but, please, encourage “other” drivers to follow some basic safety rules of the road:
1.  Do not drive stupid.
2.  And, for the love of Pete, use your turn signal!
Thank you.
The End.
(Sorry, this post contains no photos of pretty flowers.  Not too many photo ops at Costco today.)

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