Happy Tuesday!

It’s official.
Now that the daylilies are blooming, it’s officially Summer.
So, all you students:  hurry up and graduate, so your teachers and professors can be done with you, already.
Moms:  hope you’ve sent in the registration for summer camp.
Dads?  Charcoal?  Check!
Time to hit the pool and hit the road.
But, not so fast….
Have you checked out Jo’s “Triangle” page yet?  Well, you just gotta do that first.  You’ve got to practice Triangle pose, and feel the lengthening in your spine and your hips and your limbs.  You won’t believe it.  And, you will wonder how standing still, practically upside down, can be SO DANG AMAZING!
I would not kid you about this.
So, go to our W.O.W. Yoga tab, and click on “The Angles of Triangle”.
Then, revisit the other yoga pages, too, because Triangle feels so good, you’re going to want to do more.
I’ll check ya later.  I gotta go stand under the mimosa tree and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

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