Downsizing for the RV

My blogging had to be put on hold for a short time due to finishing up work on our house, the family reunion, and preparing to leave Texas for the summer.   For the last six summers we have gone to Colorado in late May and stayed until late October.  Each year we spend a considerable amount of time preparing our yard and house for a house sitter, bringing in and putting up the last of the garden, and seeing all the kids before we leave.  Because we didn’t have enough to do, we also had a new roof put on and painted the fence on the front of the property this spring.

Prior to this year we have had a small house in Colorado.  The house was sold last fall and this year we are living in our 30 foot trailer with Yoda, our Manx cat.  It should be intriguing, to say the least.  Just the process of trying to pack has proven to be difficult.  Deciding what I might need to wear over the next four months and condensing it down to fit in one drawer and half of a 2.5’ by 4’ closet proved to be a challenge.  Over the next four months we will be in temperatures that range from the 30s to the upper 90s, we will hike, camp in the high and low country,  swim, bike, sleep, visit family, go to church, go to the rodeo, visit museums and hopefully many other places of interest.  All of this requires a variety of clothing and shoes.  To add to the difficulty of this process, I am married to someone who wears wrangler jeans (one style) and occasionally one of his two pair of shorts.  He put his hiking boots & slippers in the camper and will wear his one pair of tennis shoes.  He has no understanding or sympathy for my predicament.   I have shoes for hiking, pool, walking, biking, pants, shorts, and shoes for when my feet hurt.  After deliberating and sorting for part of two days the only solution seemed to be to find (or take over) more space.  The compartment under the bed provided enough room for 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of pants and a few shirts.  Under the table seating, with the laundry supplies and potatoes, had space for 2 more pair of shoes.  And the last strategy was to stack the husbands under wear in his drawer and use the new space for sleepwear and socks.   I’m sure I’ve left a major piece of cold weather clothing behind but it is very difficult to imagine how cold it can be in September when it is now 96 degrees outside.

Sizing down the cooking supplies was not too difficult.  The limited size of the oven and refrigerator dictate the size and amount of cook ware.  There will be no coffee maker, coffee grinder, stand mixer, blender, food processor, and no dishwasher.  I’m not so sure I wanted to downsize that much!  What will I do without my smoothies?

We have worked at home to shop less and more efficiently.  In the RV shopping more frequently and buying smaller quantities becomes necessary

We are tired and hot! The trailer is packed and we are reading to head out for Colorful Colorado.    My next blog will be from my new 30 ft home.


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