The Gnats sent us to the Grand Canyon

The Gnats sent us to the Grand Canyon

Colorado has a very small blood sucking creature that can rapidly cause insanity and misery in its victims.  They are known by a variety of names, gnats, no-see-ums, punkies, black gnats, and biting midges. These tiny, flying black monsters swarm and bite their victims in the hair, around the eyes, ears, belt line and anywhere else they like.  When they fly between your glasses and eyes, crawl in your hair, or fly up your nose you have never seen such flailing of the arms and swatting.

My younger sister Deb invited us to come and stay with them at their yurt, in southern Colorado, for a few days. A very quiet, peaceful place with plenty of space for us to explore and her dogs to run.  We made plans to meet them Friday at their home and leave for the yurt on Saturday.

Saturday was a beautiful clear day.  Packing and the trip to the yurt were uneventful.    On arrival we opened everything up to air and before we could unpack we were attacked by Gnats.  Larry, my brother-in-law, rapidly assessed the situation and said it was time to move on to “Plan B.”  We ask “PlanB?”  “We are going to the Grand Canyon.”  We ran for the vehicles (swatting and slapping) and headed back to the house.  Deb and Larry contacted their dog sitter and searched the web for a hotel.   Before mid- afternoon the details were worked out and we were packed.

We piled in the car early Sunday morning and headed west.  Over the Le Sal Mountains into Utah, south to Monticello, Blanding, Bluff, and then Mexican Hat.  At Mexican Hat we stopped for lunch.

I had my first Navajo taco, fried flat bread, with lots of beans, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  On leaving Mexican Hat we entered Monument Valley.   The beauty of the red sandstone formations and the dessert are hard to describe, and my pictures don’t do it justice.  If you have a “Bucket List” be sure Monument Valley is on the top of your list.  Soon we entered Arizona. Kayenta, Tuba City, and then Grand Canyon.  It was spectacular!  Yes, it looks like all the pictures in the books, but with intensity and depth, a spell binding aperture.

In addition to the spectacular view, the wildlife chose to entertain us.  There were coyotes, majestic bull elk in velvet, mule deer, and the spectacular condors.  To see such an extraordinary bird alive and soaring across the canyon, that was so close to extinction, is very impressive.

In addition to site seeing, we met some great people, visited, laughed, joked, and visited some more.  The trip home went by fast, and the sites were great.  Never thought I would be thankful for gnats…….

Next blog from Wyoming.

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