Moving On

Our next stop after Kinnear was a BLM campground on Green Mountain.  Green Mountain had a beautiful green forest, was bug free,  and had several clear cold streams.  We spent 2 days dry camping and hiking.

Laramie (population 28,000) was our next stop.  Originally our only reason for stopping in Laramie was that it was close to Cheyenne.  We had tickets for Cheyenne Frontier Days, but Cheyenne had no RV spaces.  We were pleasantly surprised with Laramie and what they had to offer. We took day trips to the museums, historical sites, and shops around town.   We spent a full day exploring out-of-the-way roads, Medicine Bow Route Forests, and the Vadauwoo Rocks.

Medicine Bow Route Forest Information Center

The city government has spent money on parks, bike lanes and a bike/walking path that runs along the Laramie River.   The town and neighborhoods are clean, the traffic is well-managed, and the people are friendly.  The only down side would be that the wind blows about 75% of the time.   There isn’t enough hair spray to save any hair do.    All you can do is wash it, blow it dry, and move on.

Cheyenne was only 48 miles west on I 80.

On Hiway I 80

We spent one day touring the city and one day at Cheyenne Frontier Days.  If you like rodeos and have never been it is a great trip and not overly expensive.   We had tickets to the day rodeo and the PBR Bull Riding in the evening.

A Rough Ride

Always knew this would happen!

Our last stop in Wyoming was an archeological dig at Pine Bluffs on the southeastern border of the state.  We happened to be the only visitors and received an enthusiastic tour and lecture on the site.  After two hours and a lunch in the RV we were ready to head into Nebraska.

Cheyenne Frontier Days

1 thought on “Moving On

  1. Joan,
    Love your travel stories. Alvin and I have not been to Cheyenne Frontier days in years. You made us losesome to go. You and Karl need to go to Calgary. The rodeo parade is 4 hours long, There are subways to get you anywhere. Then there is the Canadian Rocky Mountains close by.

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