So. Many. Projects.

There are many wonderful aspects to love about country living.  For example:
Close (very close) proximity to nature.  I mean, really close.
O.K., it’s a veritable “Wild Kingdom” on my porch at night.  I kind of like it.
The front-row opportunity to experience the beauty of the seasons.  Like this:
And, this:
And, this:
Such fast-changing beauty reminds me to keep the camera charged and ready…and, the pantry stocked.
Fast-changing beauty, but a slower pace of living.  Out here, rush hour is a far-away thing.  Down on the county road, rush hour tends to be sparse and short-lived.  And, it starts about 4:30 a.m.
And, finally, the satisfaction and sense of self-sufficiency one derives from the seemingly endless supply of chores and projects.
Oh, lordy, so many chores and projects.  Nope,  there is no reason or excuse to be bored out here.
There is always something to repair, insulate, mow, feed, build, plant, prune, fill, empty, paint, re-paint, reduce, re-use, recycle.  Always a problem to be solved and a hidden talent to discover, as I try to do it myself.
From any window and door, I can see any number of projects waiting to be tackled.
Right now, as I glance to the West, I can see the following “to do’s”:
1.  First of all, wash the dang windows!  Not a project, but a real chore.
2.  Fill the bird feeders.  Another chore, but enjoyable, at least.
Gotta keep those birds fat and happy.
3.  Mow the backyard leaves.  That’s how I mulch.  And, there are a lot of leaves.
4.  The pastures need to be mowed.  Or, better yet, burned.  A controlled burn is an effective and efficient method of controlling weeds and adding nutrients to the soil.  And, it’s WAY more exciting than mowing.
5.  Move the tractor implements to a more suitable place.  They are not an eyesore, exactly, but they do sort of  complicate photographing a pretty sunset.
6.  Complete construction of the stalls.  These were started several years ago to house show steers.  The steers have gone to the Great Deep Freeze in the Sky (sorry about that, guys!)  but, the stalls still need to be finished.
They do, however, provide a nice rustic setting for a photo shoot.
7.  Repair / replace / upgrade / completely re-think fences.
Oh, my.  Don’t get me started on fences.  It’s a never-ending story.
8.  And, what am I going to do with those elderly peach trees?  Prune them?  Replace them?  Prop them up for another season?  Anyway, time for orchard maintenance.
9.  The swimming pool.
There’s probably not much wisdom in repairing a 4 ft. tall above-ground pool that was installed when my sons were much younger…and shorter.  But, I can see myself floating silently on its sparkling clear water.  Drifting, soaking, imagining a much younger, svelter (more svelte?), golden vision of myself.  Sigh.
10.  The trampoline.
Move it.  Sell it.  Something.  Why do I even have that?  The boys are not 10 years old anymore.
11.  The chicken house.
Now, that’s a project I’m actually excited about.
I’ve not had chickens in several years, but I think I’m ready to take on the responsibility again.  Chickens, all poultry and fowl, in fact, are a lot of work and worry.  I fret over them constantly, as we have lots of predators out here, always on the look-out for a nice chicken/duck/goose/guinea dinner.  (Yes, even guineas.)
But, because I love little peeps and I LOVE receiving them in the mail, I will be checking out Murray McMurray’s website soon.  And, fortifying the chicken house.
Jo assures me she will take all the eggs my hens can produce for use in her homemade pie business.
See?  Another reason to celebrate country living:  farm fresh, free-range eggs and  Jo’s fantastic, homemade pies.  Come and get ‘em!
No, really, you’ll have to come pick them up yourself.  I don’t get to town very often.
So, that’s the project count looking out the West windows.
I don’t dare to look out the South.

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