Saturday Morning Hound Report

Here come the hounds….and, there they go!

Yep.  It’s Saturday.  Know how I know?  Because every Saturday…I mean every Saturday, for as long as I can remember, a horse trailer full of barking, baying, yelping, howling hound dogs lumbers past my house between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. on its way to…where?  I have no idea where those puppies are going, but they sound so excited and happy to be going, that it makes me smile every time I hear them roll past.

In the stillness of a Saturday morning, I can hear them coming from, at least, a mile away, and, I’m sure, I can still hear them when their trailer pulls onto the Farm to Market road, another mile and a half away.  I have no doubt that they are still excitedly announcing their “road trip!!” when they arrive at their destination.

Assuming there are also horses in that trailer, I’m thinking they must be part of a “fox and hound” hunt club, or something similar.  Hope they’re not really hunting foxes.

One of these Saturday mornings, I will grab my camera and walk down to the road, so I can snap a picture of those happy puppies as they head off to their weekend adventure.

Of course, that will be the Saturday they decide to sleep in.

Have a good weekend, y’all!

UPDATE TO POST:  3:09 p.m.  The hounds just rolled past my house.  On their way home, I presume.  Still barking, but sounding very tired.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Hound Report

  1. Saturday morning? Only Saturday? I’ve often served on the dawn bark patrol. There are so many things to herd and hunt, one day just isn’t sufficient. You have your deer, your rabbit, your quail, your possum, your racoon, your squirrel, your…. So many smells and so little time. Sandy

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