Preparing for the Blitz

There is excitement in the air out here in Wise.

The local media is on the verge of sheer nirvana.

Not only is North Texas hosting that little thing called the Super Bowl, now we have this:

Wise in Winter Storm Warning

January 31st, 2011 No comments | Print Update Print Update

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth has issued a Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow and sleet for Wise County and points north and west. The warning is in effect from midnight tonight to 3 p.m. Tuesday. Rain is predicted tonight, and an arctic cold front will arrive after midnight. Temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s between 3 and 6 a.m., as the rain will change over to sleet and heavy snow. Precipitation may be heavy at times. Heavy snow will combine with strong winds of 25 to 35 mph and contribute to near blizzard conditions with visibility falling to less than 1/4 mile. Total snow fall accumulations are expected to average 3 to 5 inches.

All this will surely slip down into the MetroPlex.  And then, oh, my.

Let me tell you:  there is nothing more exciting than Texans on ice.  Or, should it be, “Texans on Ice!”, a new Ice Capades show!

Add to the mix, an extra 100,000+ Steelers and Packers fans trying to navigate our already packed highways and biways, and…can you just imagine?  Well, all I can say is, I am happy those folks are coming to Texas, I hope everyone has a good, safe time, and I know the merchants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are grateful for the customers.


I will be staying within the confines of Wise for the next week, at least.  The ice and snow are enough excitement for me.  After game day, I will give everyone time to recuperate, re-pack and, then, get on home.  (Thanks for coming, though!)  Then, maybe, I will venture to town.

In the meantime, most of Wise County and myself met at Wal-Mart this afternoon, to stock up on stuff we will certainly need during the next few days.  Then, we all headed to Tractor Supply and AgVantage to get the animals their rations.  Then we filled our fuel tanks.  By this time, tempers were getting short.  Some of us also stopped off at the tax offices and paid our property taxes.  The smart ones did this online…back in December.

Back at home, having a full pantry and feed barrel is always a good feeling.

Now, let’s sit back a watch the show.

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