Dreaming of a Warmer Wonderland

Our cold spell started Monday.  It is not unusual for Texas to have cold weather during the winter but it is unusual for it to last, and last, and last.  Today our high temperature was 22. The fact that it was 75 degrees last Saturday keeps my perception of cold out of whack.  On top of that the TV weathermen just won’t give it up.  They insist that the cold will continue, and it does.  Seems there is no hope of being warm again.  Mel has written that the county is pretty much shut down and it is.  Today is day 4 of no school, library, county services, trash pick-up, dental services, and a large plethora of other services.  Mail delivery changes day-to-day.  The ground has 2-3 inches of new snow and the roads have only small areas of pavement showing.

As the pictures scroll by on my screen saver I can feel the warmth of the sun on my back and feel the give of sand beneath my feet as the hubby and I stroll down the beach in El Cuyo, Mexico

I can taste the fresh coconut juice and crave a fresh picked banana.





While I’m dreaming of floating in the warm water I’m brought back to reality as the cat lands in my lap and crawls up to my shoulder and leans into my fuzzy scarf that has been a permanent part of my attire for 4 days now.

Very fine snow flakes are still falling and it is 22 degrees.  It is time for comfort food. I think Chicken and Dumplings will make everyone feel better.





The addition of hot rolls and cherry pie couldn’t possibly hurt anything.

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