My Evil Twin is a Slacker

How else can I explain the secret delight I get…even at my age…when I see our school district’s name scroll across the bottom of the TV screen, announcing yet another SNOW DAY!?  I love seeing a multicolored radar screen, with lots of pink, blue and white.   I love watching the TV reporters show me just how bad it is out there.  They are such troopers!  Standing on an overpass, struggling to stay upright, sleet and snow blowing in their faces, frostbite imminent.  All, while wearing those lovely orange safety vests.

And, me?  I’m safe at home, ’cause just like Son #2, I have a SNOW DAY.  Another day with no schedule and no responsibilities.  Well, except the “survival” stuff like:  shelter and protect Son #2, keep food in the house, keep the electricity on, keep the water flowing, protect and feed the animals.  But, beyond that?  Hey, we’re iced/snowed in; what can I do?

And, I wish it stopped there.  I wish my only slacker sin was loving snow days, but, unfortunately, that’s only the beginning.  My Evil Twin, also:

Wants a touring motorcycle.                                                                                                          And, a dirt bike.

Would eat cake and whipped cream for breakfast every day, if she could.

Has lost track of the all the houseplants she has killed.

Likes to run away from home occasionally.

Thinks she is destined for stardom.                                                                                                      Oh, wait.  That’s Delusional Twin.  Never mind.

Thinks making up the bed is over-rated.  But, always feels better when she does it.

Would rather throw a frozen pizza in the oven than cook a “real” meal.                                      For the record, I am thoroughly ashamed for this one.  Thank goodness I have Jo to show me the error of my ways.

Well, I’d like to sit here and keep being responsible, but I’ve got to go look at the blowing snow.  And, watch the birds.  And, bake chocolate chip cookies.

Stay warm, Wise!

4 thoughts on “My Evil Twin is a Slacker

  1. That’s too funny!!! My evil twin buys six new self help books at one time but will probably not ever read all of them. They are just there to make me feel better, well about me….

    • Yes, Anna! And, then, when I finally decide I will never read them, I haul them to the used book store, where they give me 10 cents on the retail dollar to take them off my hands, so I can stop feeling guilty for having bought them in the first place. Oh, I feel sooo much better.

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