Friday Evening Post

Beautiful Friday evening in Wise.
Mid-80’s today.  Nice thaw.
Wasn’t it 10 degrees with ice on the ground just…yesterday?
Crazy mid-February Texas weather.
Wore long sleeves this morning, and got too warm.
Changed in to capris and flip flops when I got home.
And, long sleeves.
Just right.
Strolling outside, making mental lists of all the forthcoming Spring to-do’s.
Entourage of cats, wondering what the heck I’m doing outside.
Yeah, it’s been a long time, guys.
Guineas chirping somewhere.  Not mine.
Cats playing.  Chasing.  Climbing trees.  All mine.
Warm breeze.
No scent of smoke or grass fires.  Surprising.
Serene, glowing sunset.
Me:  Son #2!  Look at that sunset!
Son #2:  Oh, wow.
Side note:  that is his response EVERY TIME I point out the sunset / sunrise / explosion / Grand Canyon / incredible-never-to-be-seen-again-sight.
That’s O.K.  At least he saw it.
Moon should be full.
Contemplating a fire in the chiminea.
Yard sale chiminea.  $5.  Yea!
Must.  Make.  Fire.
Better wait for the breeze to die down.
Love the fact that I can make a fire.
Especially in February.
Late “rush hour” traffic.  Like, one truck every 10 or 15 minutes.
Took a few things out to the travel trailer, and sat there for a while.
Tried to remember the the points of interest, in order, from our three BIG trips, and the one smaller trip.
Pulled out the state map, showing the states we’ve visited…and, yet to visit.
For the Western U.S.:  still need Idaho, Washington, Oregon and North Dakota.
And, Alaska.
And, Hawaii.
Can only hope for the first four…this year.
The rule is:  we have to sleep in the travel trailer IN THAT STATE for it to count, and to be able to affix the state to the U.S. map.
Silly?  Yea.
Love it.
Raccoons chattering along the creek.
Or, are those frogs?
Hear more chirping.
Now, that’s my guineas.  Better go check.
Seems one got separated from the other two.  All back together now.
Go to sleep, guys.
I will shortly.
It’s 7:30 p.m. Friday night in Wise.
All is well.
And, yes, the moonrise was fabulous.

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