Worry-Warts Unite!

We worrywarts have so much on our plates these days.
The economy.  Healthcare.  War and civil unrest.  Evil and social injustice.  (Oops, channeling a little Three Dog Night there.  Sorry.)  Earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns, pollution and global warming.
The list is endless, and worrywarts like me have a difficult time rationing our fretting between so many concerns.

Currently, for much of Texas, a major worry is the high fire danger.  With 40 mile/hour winds, low humidity, and super dry conditions, you just know some goofball is going to decide that today is the day to burn his trash.  (Update: fire near Possum Kingdom, even as we speak.  And, yes, that’s a real place.)

Every January/February, I start worrying about the cattle in Wise.  Cold, icy conditions are bad enough on the grown-ups, but why, oh why, must the calves have be born in the midst of all that cruelness?  I promise you, few, if any, enjoy the luxury of a hay-filled birthing suite,  Knowing that goats and sheep experience much the same condition only adds to my fretting.

For a while, I had to worry about that snake on the loose in New York.  My note of concern to the Bronx Zoo Cobra:  Yo!  I was sssso concerned for you!  I just knew you were going to surprise someone in a bad way, and they were going to react in a really bad way!  Not just “OMG, a snake!”, but “OMG, A COBRA!!!!!”  So glad you decided to end your game of hide-n-seek and allow the zoo folks to find you.  Much better for everyone, don’t you think?  By the way, I truly hope you keep “tweeting”, because you are incredibly clever.  Probably explains how you escaped in the first place.

And, as long as I’m talking to animals, I’m talkin’ to you, Miss Tiger Lily:  Girl, you are a miracle cat!  I was so worried about you being gone for so long.  Too adventurous for your own good.  So when I found the yellow/orange-striped remains down on the county road, I was very sad, not only because of your demise, but also because, clearly, you had been squashed in half…and, I could only find part(s) of you.  Then, as I sat on the porch steps, contemplating searching the bar ditch for the rest of you…you sauntered up behind me as if you had never been gone!  Surreal moment, Cat, let me tell you!  So glad you’re back and all, but now I’ve got to worry about having buried someone else’s cat.  Well, technically, only half of it.

But, as bad as the winds are here in Wise today, I am especially worried about those baby eagles up in Decorah, Iowa.  Have you checked on them lately?  Oh, my goodness, the winds are awful there, too, and their tree is really blowing around.  Chilly; in the 40’s, I think.  And, every time Mom and Dad switch out babysitting duties, I’m so afraid those three little puff balls are going to blow right out of the nest!  The parents are wonderful hunters and providers, and it’s just amazing to watch them feed the babies.  But, even with their eagle eyes trained on their offspring’s safety and well-being, I’m sure these beautiful birds can use some additional concern on their behalf.  So, all together now, WorryWarts of the World!  Let’s pool our collective fretting and get these babies raised.  Then we can get back to more mundane worries.
Did I mention today is Tax Day?  But, don’t worry…be happy.  This year, you have until the 18th to file.

2 thoughts on “Worry-Warts Unite!

  1. We have also had a cat come back from the dead after it was buried! Our cat, “Hooter”, when the kids were younger. Still one of our favorite stories.

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