The First Twenty Years

We recently celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary. Quite the milestone for a second marriage.  It hasn’t always been easy but it  certainly hasn’t been boring.   Before marrying we often talked about what the future might hold and how our families would blend  Oh my, it is amazing how ignorant two grown adults can be.  We soon discovered that we knew nothing about bringing two families together under the same roof.  Seven different personalities (4  teens) all with different goals.  Every day was a new lesson in parenting and being a husband or wife.  We managed to hold the marriage together and our relationship grew.  Our family of seven has grown to twenty and nothing delights us more than to share time with them and to watch them live life day-to-day.

We are twenty years older, much smarter, and hopefully our goals are more realistic. The next twenty years will go a little slower but we will have as many adventures and rewards.  The following pictures are just small  look into our first twenty years.

2 thoughts on “The First Twenty Years

  1. So how in the world did I miss this post!?! Too busy with grand children I guess. But..first off: CONGRATULATIONS on the 20 year mark! I absolutely loved your wedding dress and hat!!! You look beautiful! Wishing you and Karl many, many more years of joy and happiness together with your family surrounding you.

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