Returning To Colorado

On June 15th we had the camper packed, the house sitter secured, and we pulled out for Colorado just before noon.  It was already close to a 100 degrees with 80% humidity.  Looking forward to cool nights and no humidity had been enough inspiration to keep us working steady despite the heat.

Colorado welcomed us with daytime temperatures in the 70’s  and 40’s at night.  Our Texas friends no longer want to hear about the cool weather.  Knowing that we are enjoying  cool weather does nothing to make them feel better.

The rivers in Colorado are all running high and rapid.

The White River

Many are out of their banks due to the heavy snow falls during the winter and frequent spring rains.

Dinosaur National Monument

Even the normally  dry areas, with sparse vegetation, are green and lush. With all this moisture come some very large and hungry mosquitoes.

In addition to visiting with family and friends we were able to take a few day hikes in Brown’s Park and Dinosaur National Monument.  We sighted many elk, deer, and antelope.

Cliff With Golden Eagle Nest

During one of our hikes a pair of golden eagles started circling us and fussing.  We soon discovered their nest on the ledge of a rock cliff.  
Because I have problems with heights Karl leaned over the edge of the cliff and took pictures of the young eagles.

At our campsite we had pelicans, a whistle pig, deer, and a Bald Eagle.  While Fishing at Freeman Reservoir I practiced photographing a Bald Eagle using lenses that my Dad had (1972) for his camera.  Seems I have been spoiled with my automatic functions on my new camera.  It is going to take a lot of practice and a tripod to master these lenses.

Bald Eagle

Early one very rainy and dreary morning, I glanced out the kitchen window and saw what I first thought was a very big dog.  It didn’t take long to realize it was a very wet young bear.  I grabbed my new camera and ran  out the door.  With the click of the first picture this fantastic technical piece of equipment flashes the message “battery exhausted.” What?  As the bear was rapidly approaching the road I dashed back in, doing my best not to  knock my father-in-law down and grab my point and shoot.  Luckily a large truck turned the bear back and he crossed in back of the trailer and  started to climb the tree allowing me to get 3 pictures.  It was a very exciting few seconds and to top it off the local weekly paper published the picture the same week.

Young Black Bear

Chris, Queen of the Youth Volunteers

Again we celebrated the 4th of July in Meeker, Co.We spent most of the 4 day holiday working the concession stands with the local Lions Club.This gives us a chance to see all of our friends and give a little back to the community that we enjoy so much.

Bonnie the Snow Cone Queen

The Funnel Cake Queens

The Cotton Candy Queen

After the 4th we once again packed up the trailer, and said our good byes to family and headed north.  Hopefully we will make it to the Oregon coast before returning to Meeker in September in time for the Sheep Dog Trials.

1 thought on “Returning To Colorado

  1. Love, love, love the baby bald eagles!!! How exciting was that! Thanks for the photos, thanks for the descriptive posts. Have a great time on your adventure!

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