Eight Little Blessings

Johnson County "Hole In The Wall Country"

On our way to Idaho we spent the night in Kaycee, WY.  Kaycee has a population of a little over 300 and located between Casper and Sheridan Wyoming.  Kaycee’s call to fame is that Chris LeDoux, & his family have a ranch there.

There are two RV parks in Kaycee, both owned by the same family.  I called ahead and connected with the owner.  It would be one flat rate, no tax, no Good Sam’s discount, no extra for more than two people, no credit card, and park in the spot of our choice.  After getting the trailer situated we headed off to the Friday night rodeo.  At least two-thirds  of the population was in attendance,either  riding in or working the events, working the concession stand, or watching the show.

While eating our breakfast outside the next morning the owner came by to visit.  A women in her early sixties with an arm load of laundry from a recently vacated cabin.  She runs both RV parks with the assistance of her husband and a summer guest who stays until the first part of August.  While visiting with her, we learned this is her second marriage and they each have three grown children. She goes on to explain that they had started taking in foster children and eventually permanently adopted eight children.  The oldest is in junior high school and the youngest is 4 years old.

One afternoon I was wandering around with my camera and was greeted by a young man, a rather short in stature 6-year-old  by the name of Ruben.


He introduced himself and wanted to know exactly what I was doing. I explained that I had heard he had a newborn pot belly pig.  He announced that he would take me to see it but first he gave me a very animated demonstration on how I needed to sneak up on the momma pig.  He rounded his back, raised his shoulders close to his ears, opened his fingers wide with his arms slightly out to his side, extended his head and chin, and took long slow steps. So this is how we carefully approached the momma pig.

Momma and newborn

She was protective of her little one but calm and allowed us to stroke him.


After viewing the newborn, Ruben gave me a grand tour of the farm. My what a menagerie of animals;  two more pot belly pigs, cows, geese, ducks, chickens, two alpacas, rabbits, dogs, cats, and horses.  Ruben made sure we spent a little extra time looking at his horse, “Joe, the best horse on the place.”

Over the next few days I watched this women work around the RV park and interact with the children.  She never stopped moving, never raised her voice, but often had to repeat herself.  The only concern she ever voiced was that getting everyone in bed without tears was a real accomplishment but it was was getting better.

These eight little angels all had a very rough start.  Each has a story of his own that would most definitely make  us uncomfortable.  Today they ride bikes, play with their animals, swim, have friends over, and do all the things kids are supposed to do.  The scars are there but they have a wonderful home and two parents to help guide them through life and hopefully put their rough starts behind them.  It appears to this outsider that these parents consider themselves very blessed and very happy to be where they are.  Their generosity is impressive and their love  for these 8 is very evident.  .

We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.”   Mother Teresa

One thought on “Eight Little Blessings

  1. Love your photography! Especially the first shot of nature. That is gorgeous! Of course, the baby piglet is darling, but the show stealer was little Ruben with his smiling face! Thanks for sharing! Claudia

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