Jamming in the RV

I enjoy fruit, all kinds of fruit, and nothing can equal the taste of fresh fruit  from an orchard or farm.  Grand Junction, Colorado has the perfect climate for growing peaches, pears, apples, and apricots.  Each year on our way back to Texas we bring peaches and apples.  We appreciate every bite and take every precaution to help them last as long as possible.  As we were traveling in Oregon, you can imagine my delight to discover that cherries, raspberries, blueberries, Marion berries, salmon berries, huckleberries, and apricots were all in season.  In our local markets in Texas raspberries are never cheap but they do occasionally go on sale for $2.50/half pint. To buy them for a little over $1.00/pint was more than I could resist.  We bought two flats of raspberries,  1o pounds of cherries, a box of apricots, and picked 15  pounds of blueberries.

Picking Blueberries

Bing Cherries

We ate berries and cherries alone, ice cream & berries, pancakes with berries, cereal with berries, blueberry buckle, apricot muffins, and apricot up-side-down cake.

Soon it became obvious that something needed to be done with the excess of fruit in the trailer. Jam seemed to be the obvious and simplest solution. Come February toast with Raspberry jam would be a real treat.

Making jam in a 30 foot RV somewhat complicates a relatively simple but time consuming procedure.  Making raspberry jam makes little mess, no peeling or seeding required.  Pitting Bing cherries is another story.  Little splats of deep red on the carpet, the blinds, and my white shirt.

By the time you find space for the clean jars, lids, fruit, and a pot of boiling water there is only room for one cook.  There were three!

The Work Space

Helping Hands

Hot Apricot Jam

Every surface was covered with fruit or supplies.  The stove has 3 small burners but only two large pots can heat at one time.

The RV warmed up fast as did the the cooks. It will not be long before the months turn cold and the grandchildren visit and this jam that we made 2000 miles from home will please the taste buds and take us back to our summer trip.   There will be jam for the peanut butter sandwiches, toast, scones, tea time, pancakes, the middle of cupcakes, and filling for layer cakes. There will be plenty to send home a sampling of each flavor with  our kids and give as gifts with a loaf of fresh bread.

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