A Klose Christmas


Christmas is always a hectic season.  I procrastinate, seem to get slower as I get older, and always have more  on my agenda than I have time to complete .  But I always survive and have memories, some better than others.  The Christmas I bought my step-daughter pretty much everything her mother bought her (she gave us the same list), the time I dumped a full pan of enchiladas in the dishwater,  the year I forgot to get the twice baked potatoes out of the freezer until we were ready to serve dinner.   My sweet daughter-in-law and daughters saw my stress,  sat me down with a bottom-less glass of wine while they microwaved the potatoes.  I had been up since 4:30 am and had no breakfast, needless to say I didn’t finish fixing our dinner or do anything else that day. The children love to give me a bad time about that Christmas.  There is always a glitch here and there (dropping a custard pie in the bottom of a 500 degree oven) but they are all “priceless”.

Santa's Helpers

When your children have more than one set of parents, finding a day that everyone can get together is a challenge. Once this is accomplished the fun begins.

Waiting for Santa, Kambra, Phil, Crystal,Will , Eli, and Kyndal

Seldom is our Christmas ever on Christmas day. This took some getting used to.  The first Christmas day Karl and I woke up and the house was empty and would stay empty all day left us both pretty melancholy.  We tried to sleep late but finally got up, fixed our coffee and watched the Christmas Parade. The conversation eventually turned to discussing what we might fix for breakfast or lunch. During this discussion our neighbor knocked on the door.  Upon opening the door the most wonderful aroma entered the house along with our neighbor.  She was bearing gifts from afar. Well, across the pasture from her kitchen, southern fried chicken that was still warm.  You see I don’t fry chicken, never learned how, but I do love good fried chicken.  Karl and I sat the table, whipped up some instant potatoes, got a glass of tea, and proceeded to eat almost the whole chicken.  That wonderful southern comfort foo and the kindness of our neighbor certainly snapped us out of our funk.

Maggie, Aunt B, Uncle Chris

This Christmas we managed to have everyone here on the 27th.  All of the adults brought the fixens for brunch.  With the addition of a folding table, and  very close sitting, we managed to squeeze 21 into the dinning and kitchen area.  Watching our adult children interact with each other and their own children is such pleasure.

Kambra, Eli, and Nora

They all have their own method of parenting and it seems to work for each of them.  I admit there is a certain amount of extra pleasure taken when we see their own children challenge them.  Guess that is one of the perks of being a grandparent.

The grandchildren always look forward to opening their presents but our present is getting to watch the kids and adults play and visit.  The weather was agreeable and the young ones played on the tire swing, the boys played ball, and the women sat on the porch and solved the problems of the world.

Playing Ball, Logan, Mason, Bobby

Karl and I decided to take the 6 older grandkids to Great Wolf Lodge for their Christmas present.  Early the morning of the 28th  we packed up and headed to the Lodge in Grapevine.  Karl drove the boys and I took the girls.  It is always great to get them all in the car for a trip.  We learn all sorts of things about them just listening to them talk among themselves, something you miss when the parents are around.  They loved the indoor water park, played hard, slept, and seemed to enjoy one another.  We had a great sturdy room with two bathrooms, microwave, refrigerator, and 3 televisions.  They were really impressed with all the TVs

Eli thinking about a nap

Logan & Trey

Logan & Trey


Now don’t get me wrong, we wouldn’t trade this time for anything but unless you have an extreme tolerance for noise, really enjoy the smell of chlorine, and have an endless budget for food,  you might reconsider going to Great Wolf Lodge.   I think we could have had as much fun in a good hotel with a pool or camping at the lake.

Story Time, Nora, Maggie, and Mom/Aunt Cindi

Now it is the middle of January and I’m finishing  my New Years cards (aka late x-mas cards).  I have a few ideas jotted down for next years Christmas, the decorations are tucked away, and I’m officially working on dropping those extra pounds.  My  New Year’s resolution is to be more accepting and tolerant.  Hopefully I will make it past February before I decide to be “tolerant” of those extra pounds.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Grandpa, Nora, & Mason

Quiet Time, Amanda & Eric

1 thought on “A Klose Christmas

  1. So enjoyed your photos and story line! You do a great job writing ! Always enjoy what you and Mel post!! Way had to chuckle at some of your Christmas memories! Too funny!!! Thanks for sharing!

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