The W.O.W. Report – a weekly (more or less) chat with Jo and Mel

Mel: So….I hear you got a new camera lens. Tell me, tell me!

Jo: Yes, it was Christmas present that I picked out for myself.  Actually, I bought myself two… a 75-300 and a fixed 35 mm.

Mel: Lenses, plural?  Awesome!  We need to go break them.

Jo:  Whaat?

Mel:  I mean break them in.  Take some pictures.
I used to buy myself a new book for Christmas every year. Now I would like it to be a new camera, new lens, new iPad. I thought kids were expensive!

Jo: There is an endless amount of items that one needs for a camera. My next purchase will be a macro lens, a fancy flash, and maybe a mini tripod.

Mel: I could use a tri-pod that doesn’t lean, or a telephoto that actually focuses. Last time I looked, my Amazon shopping cart total was over $4,000. However, there are other sources. Have you looked at Adorama yet?

Jo: I did when I was looking for the lens. It helped me figure out what I wanted but Amazon’s prices were a little better. I read just about everything that Picture Correct Photography has published since you told me about that site. Did you ever look at the photography journal link I sent you?

Mel: Ummmm…..sorry, I got distracted by some birds.

Jo: Oh, well I found it fascinating and somewhat disturbing. I think it would be great to have an interesting enough life to have a picture to take everyday.

Mel: It’s already interesting.  The photo makes you see it from a different perspective, I think.
So, the guy has been taking a self-portrait every day since 1999? How old is he now? Why is it disturbing? I might take a photo of a sunset every day, but definitely not my face.

Jo: He had different people take pictures of him frequently. He battled cancer and it looked like he went to hell and back.  He worked hard not to focus on that. He seemed very matter of fact about it.

Mel: Oh, dear. That’s a bold thing to do. Look it in the eye without flinching.  Well, is he still fighting the battle?

Jo: No, he seems to be over the hump and still taking pictures and living life to the fullest every day.

So to happier things, what did you buy yourself for Christmas this year? Last year, I picked out my new camera,  the year before a bike, and for my birthday a Cusinart food processor.

Mel: This year…uh…last year….seriously, you think I can remember?
Oh, I bought a TV/monitor. Pretty cool. Watch TV or use it as a big ol’ monitor for my elderly eyes.

Jo: Every time I go to Bobby’s I realize how bad our TV is. I’m afraid we don’t have the tech savvy to turn on a new model, let alone hook it up to the satellite and update our system.  Christopher left home and we never did learn to use our VCR recorder.  I’m sure TiVo is way beyond our capabilities.  Might have to adopt a child to run the electronics around here.
Karl asked me the other day why so many scenes were made in the twilight and why they never turn the lights on on CSI.

Mel: Ha! You should get one this week.  A TV, not a child.  Before the Super Bowl, I think, is when they are supposed to be their lowest price.

Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you about this guy:
Lots of good info, and he’s doing a “photo safari” to Palo Duro in the spring. Could be fun!

Jo: Will you come install it for me?  A new TV.

Mel: Are you calling me a geek?

Jo: That sounds like it would be a great adventure.

No you’re just technically savvy.

Mel: Yep, although I  might be a little concerned about the rattlesnakes waking up about that time, but…

Ok, technically savvy is good.

Jo: The snakes shouldn’t be too much of concern in April. Just think of the pictures you could get!

Mel: I’m trying not to…makes my heart beat too fast.  I’ll still have a kid in school then, you know?  Difficult to schedule.

Oops, there’s the timer. Roast is ready. Wanna come have dinner?

Jo: Sounds good, but I’m still working on the extra poundage I’ve put on while trying to fatten up my father-in law.

He is as thin as ever.

I have, Karl has, even the cat has put on weight

Mel: Maybe he’s feeding his plate to the cat.
Well, I think you’re mistaken. You kick my butt in yoga…every…time.

O.K., I better feed the kid. ttyl!

Jo: Bye

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