Photo of the Day – In Praise of Guineas

I was going to start by writing something like…”Not happy with your looks?  Cheer up.  You could be a guinea.”, but I immediately felt bad for thinking it, so never mind.

There is not a more tenacious farm bird than the guinea.  They are beautiful in their own way, but mostly they’re just loud, fast and ugly.  (Insert your own joke here.)

They seem to know no fear, as they will charge and chase anything…cats, chickens, squirrels, songbirds, people and vehicles.  They particularly dislike crows, which is fine with me.

They have a wonderful/horrible language that ranges from plaintive chirps to a squawking, screeching cacophony that can quickly ruin a peaceful evening.  And, no matter the time of day or night that they sound their alarm, you better get up and investigate.  They are rarely wrong.

Their toughness and resiliency, if not their looks, are to be admired.  The three pictured above have survived extreme weather conditions and temperatures, near-death struggles with hawks and owls, brushes with coyotes and raccoons, and the stares and ridicule of the unappreciative.  This photo was taken last year during our string of icy, snowy weather.  They were warming up under the heat lamp in the chicken house after another night of sleeping in the trees.

So, I think I will revise my original statement:

Think your life’s tough?  Cheer up.  You could be a guinea.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – In Praise of Guineas

  1. Our neighbor had guineas. God they were loud. They are the best watchdogs you can have. Also, they chase your car. They forget to stop once they reach it and then you hear that dreaded “badupe.” The term peabrain came from the guineas. Did you know that drug dealers use guineas to alert them to police or intruders? We sure have a lot of guineas around Frost. Hmmm, coincidence? I don’t think so.

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