The W.O.W. Report – 02.05.12

Mel:  Well, are you wearing your red today?
Jo:  I am wearing red.  I insisted everyone wear red to the rodeo last Friday, and less than 1% wore red.
Mel:  You should have told them to wear blue.  Might have had better results.
Jo:  I’m sure you’re right.  I was thinking it was not a crowd that preventing heart disease was a big priority for, but a crowd that was HIGH in heart disease.  At least 75% were > 50lbs over weight.
Mel:  75% of the group you were with??
Jo:  No, the crowd at the rodeo, including a huge number of children.
Mel:  All that beef!  I think you’re right.  Sad.  This is the result of killing P.E. in the schools, fast food, and bad examples set by parents.  Does that sound too harsh?
Jo:  No, it sounds so true.
Mel:  I have on my red shirt and red vest.  And, I took my fish oil capsule last night…but, I’ve GOT to find one that doesn’t make me nauseous.
Jo:  There was a short story on CBS last night about the benefits of omegas and that you should have fish twice a week.  But, at the same time you have to make sure you don’t get too much mercury. Argh!
Mel:  Since I don’t cook fish, is it too much to ask for a fish oil pill that doesn’t make me sick?  Any suggestions?
Jo:  I have read some studies.  Will do some research for you.  Be sure and keep it in the frig so it will stay fresh.
Mel:  Oops.
Jo:  It gets old fast.
Mel:  Oops, again.  Shouldn’t have bought the double-pak of 100 softgels, I guess.
Jo:  Decatur is not the best place to buy fresh fish and I have never been satisfied with the frozen store brands.
Mel:  All the more reason to make a trip to Central Market.  Or, Oregon.  I guess I’ll just keep eating avocados…and, dark chocolate…and, call it good.
Jo:  I think increasing your green veggies and veggies in general is a big help.
Mel:  That reminds me, can you tell me the recipe (again) for the kale chips?
Jo:  Will send it to you, love them!  I think eating is the key to good health and not filling someone’s pocket by buying supplements.  I think most of them we flush into the septic tank.
Mel:  Probably true.  Good health doesn’t come in a pill.  Or, pre-mixed protein drink.
Jo:  No, so much is genes and everyday lifestyle.  We are having salmon today, but I’m making sugar cookies also.  Do they cancel out each other?
Mel:  Throw some kale in there.  You’ll be good.  Fish “N” Cookies?  Is that traditional Super Bowl fare?  The genetics thing is quite unfair.
Jo:  You know my views on the Super Bowl:  the only super bowl I want to watch is one that is self cleaning.
Mel:  Agreed, agreed.  I’ll be watching Downton Abbey.
Jo:  I’ll be watching Mad Men.
Mel:  And, I also want to watch a documentary available on Netflix called “The Natural History of the Chicken”.  Neighbor Ann says it is great, and she is so excited about the the chicks we have on order.  Mad Men?  What season?  That Don Draper…whew!
Jo:  I didn’t know you ordered chicks.  I’m still on the first season of Mad Men.  Yes, Whew, whew!  That Chicken thing you were talking about earlier sounds great.  Loved the harness for them.
Mel:  Oh, the Hen Saver?  Did you see the Birdy Bra? These are important items for a well-dressed hen.
Jo:  Cracked me up.  I do think I’m going to order the cat harness.  I think it would be much more secure for travel.  Yoda has wiggled out of hers.
Mel:  Yes, and if a rooster ever decides to jump on her back, she’s safe.  Can’t say the same for the rooster, though.  ‘Course there would be no need for Hen Savers if people would just keep the rooster out of the hen house.
Jo:  No truer words, girl.

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