Photo of the Day – Clucking at My Heartstrings

How lovable are chickens?  Well, I let one of the Girls come inside the Big House this morning, just so she could warm her little feet.  That’s L-O-V-E.  Or, C-R-A-Z-Y.  Whatever.
Happily, I am beginning to realize I am not alone in my love for chickens.  There is a huge flock of chicken-loving people out there, and to share and show their love of farmyard birds, they organize CHICKEN COOP TOURS.  These folks get together and visit chicken coops and yards, marvel at the comforts and amenities, measure nesting boxes, discuss the pros and cons of roosters, compare notes on breeds and feed, and basically, zen out to the many wonderful benefits of raising chickens and other poultry.  Need I say “chick therapy“?
Such a fabulous idea!  And, the idea has sprouted wings and gone national, with tours bearing such clever names as:
Funky Chicken Coop Tour – Austin, TX (Where else?)
Take-A-Peak Chicken Coop Tour – Colorado Springs, CO
Tour D’Coop – Raleigh, NC (There are several tours using this name, or similar.)
A Peep at the Coops – Dallas, TX
Tour de Cluck – Davis, CA
Hen-apalooza Chicken Coop Tour – Chicago, IL
Coop de Tour – Spokane, WA
And, the Best for last…Wise Chicks Coop Tour – Decatur, TX
Our local tour will take place in mid-April, which is a beautiful time in Texas.  The countryside will be greening up nicely by then, and hopefully, our fickle springtime weather will behave.  Check out the tour website  and make plans to attend.  Spend a wonderful spring Saturday in Wise County, Texas.  Some C-R-A-Z-Y Photography Chick will be there; you should be there, too.  You will L-O-V-E it.

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Clucking at My Heartstrings

  1. This was the first post I saw on your blog, and it was love at first sight! Because you let one of the Girls warm her feet indoors, I’d like to pass a couple of blogger awards to you, the Beautiful Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you’d like to participate, details are available on my site.

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