Photo(s) of the Day – Reasons #12 – 15 Why I Love Texas

Reason #12 – Texas Clouds are Spectacular! – Sunday, February 12th, dawned colorful and cold.  Not quite a red sky, but the gathering clouds were a sign of deteriorating weather conditions.

Reason #13 – Short-lived Snow and Ice – Monday morning saw sleet and snow on the ground and roofs.  Not a blizzard by any stretch, but cold and blustery, nevertheless.  Strangely, though, the temperature was rising, and that resulted in…

Reason #14 – Interesting Weather Phenomena – …an extremely foggy Valentine’s Day morning.  A beautiful, quiet, frizzy-haired morning.  Throughout the day, the temperature continued to rise, until it was shirt-sleeve weather by afternoon.

Reason #15 – Chicken-Friendly Weather – And, now, Wednesday afternoon, it is 77 degrees and the green grass that appeared overnight is higher than a chicken’s knees.

Less than 100 hours have passed since Sunday morning’s fantastic sunrise.  Our temperature has varied by 50 degrees or more.  Folks have layered-on and layered-off clothes, and I’m sure there will be shorts and flip-flops before this evening.  The axiom about the Lone Star State’s rapidly changing weather is true, and it’s just one of the many reasons I love Texas.

4 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the Day – Reasons #12 – 15 Why I Love Texas

  1. Your clouds are spectacular as is your ability to capture them! Photo #3 gets my vote for favorite photo of the 4. Though the chick came in close second!

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