Photo(s) of the Day – Ridin’ the Chick(en) Express

How fun(ny) is it to walk into the Post Office and hear cheep-cheep-cheeping?  Pretty hilarious, I’ll tell you.
Evidently I lose my mind around this time each year and start thinking about getting some more chicks.  In the past, I’ve had varied success with fighting off the urge to revel in all the puffy fluffiness…fluffy puffiness?…of baby chickens.  But again this year, I lost the battle, and fell off the chicken abstinence wagon.  Seems I just can’t “say NO to cute”.  I wonder if there is a twelve-step program for this addiction?
Anyway, Neighbor Ann and I decided to order 24 “assorted heavy pullets” from Ideal Poultry, and this morning they arrived at our local post office, less than 48 hours after hatching.  One poor little soul did not survive the journey, but the remaining babies arrived active, bright-eyed and hungry.  Ann had their new home ready, and Mister Freckles immediately assumed the duties of Ranch Security.
This afternoon, everyone is resting comfortably and recuperating from their trip on the Chick(en) Express.  As soon as Ann and Freckles select their new charges, I will bring the others home to Casa Mel and, once again, immerse myself in the healing effects of chick therapy.

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