Photo of the Day – A Walk in the Woods

2 Does and a Yearling

On Wednesday after the fog cleared the temperatures rapidly rose to the high 70s.   I got home from work about 3pm and had plenty of chores to do but with the extraordinary weather it just seemed wrong to stay inside.  I grabbed my camera and headed to the back of our property to hopefully capture a couple of very elusive  woodpeckers.  The air was still and everything smelled very fresh and clean after the rain.  I sat down under a tree to wait on my Ladder-backed friends, the sun was shinning through the trees warming my shoulders and it wasn’t long before I dosed off.  I soon woke to a “snort” and knew something was pretty close.  I could not locate where the “snort” came from until a very curious doe stepped out into the sunlight trying to get a better look at me.   I very carefully got her into focus and shot. The small click of the camera made her perk-up and give me a warning stomp.

   Warning Stomp

Soon they lost interest in me and returned to grazing.  Maybe I’ll catch the woodpeckers next time.

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