Photo(s) of the Day – Home Again, Home Again, Chick-ety Chick!

Well, it took a while longer than I expected, but my baby chicks finally made it all the way home today.  Due to me being a little under the weather, then getting busy with other commitments, the chicks had an extended stay with Neighbor Ann since last Friday.  I really hated not bringing my twelve little fuzz balls home sooner, but I knew between Ann and Mister Freckles, they were receiving the best care possible.
As you can see, we received a variety of breeds in our box of “assorted heavy” chicks, but we are not certain what we have here.  However, one thing is certain:  these babies all belong to the “unbearable cuteness” breed.
See what I mean?
This cutey-pie already grew some wing feathers.  Awww…I missed it.  They grow up so fast!
And, because I want my hens to help with the raising of these little fritters, I let one of the Girls come inside the Big House to take a look at her new brood.So, she looked.  And, she looked unimpressed.  And, the chicks all ran to the back of the cage and froze.  And, the hen……whirled around so fast that she’s a blur in this photo.  She high-tailed it down the mud room hall, cackling and complaining all the way.  Not the reaction I was expecting.  I wanted her to jump in that cage and snuggle down with those babies.  And, then the chicks would crawl under her wings and poke their little heads out, and arghhh!!!  I would have died of cuteness overload.
Instead, I get a mad-as-an-old-wet-hen hen, telling me to find some other bird-brain to babysit the kids.
O.K., fine.  I’ll do it.

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