Photo of the Day – Bird of Prey

The west wall of our dinning room has three 5 foot windows.  Here we enjoy our coffee and breakfast while watching the birds, deer, and turkeys.  This morning there were no birds to be seen, all the feeders were vacant. With a little more investigation the cause was soon discovered.

Red Shouldered Hawk

This young raptor was watching for an easy meal.





We have seen the Red Shouldered Hawk dip and swoop across the property hunting but have never had the opportunity to watch them up close.  This fellow entertained us for more than an hour.

After a thorough preening he was off.  As he flew farther into the wooded area of the property we could hear his “screaming” call.  Soon he will be joined by a mate and start working on a nest.

Speaking of raptors, the Decorah Eagles have already laid an egg and the Eagle Cam feed is streamed online 24/7.  Check in and watch them grow.

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