Happy Day on the Yard Sale Trail

Spring fever took hold of me this morning, and I decided to hit the Yard Sale Trail.  First stop was an estate sale that I had seen advertised yesterday.  Mostly, everything was pretty pricey, but I gathered a few reasonably-priced items and was gone within 20 minutes.  If you are interested in the sale, which runs through Saturday, follow the link.  I have a feeling a lot of that furniture will be available…and marked down…tomorrow.A few more stops yielded a variety of stuff…I mean priceless treasures.  I like buckets.  Can you tell?I’m also pretty fond of that blue chair.  The tall white planter thing is Roseville, but it’s cracked around the bottom, so no one loved it.  So, it became my responsibility to give it a loving home.  I’m just that way.Here is some of the metal items in my “basket ‘o metal items”.  There is no explanation for my fascination with rust.  Except, maybe, iron deficiency.  And, I guess I should mention that the rest of my purchases…a few pieces of furniture…are in my son’s truck.  Yep, it was a two-vehicle day on the Yard Sale Trail.
And, last but not least, you didn’t think I would miss an opportunity to have a chicken in the picture, did you?
O.K., now you need to hit the Yard Sale Trail.  It’s good entertainment.  You will not believe what folks will try to sell you, and what they think you will pay for it.  It is a combination of free enterprise, recycling and the circus all rolled into a fun Spring morning in Texas.  Happy Trails!

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