Photo(s) Of The Day – Not Facebook Friends

Some of my best friends would never think of checking out Facebook or Pinterest.  They are more into roaming the green fields and napping under the pecan trees.  The ladies and I frequently hang over the fence and visit.  They are great listeners and always happy to see me.  I usually bring fresh pulled grass or wild flowers for them to snack on.


I can give them 5 minutes or and hour, it doesn’t matter, they are content with anything.


How could you not like someone with those eyes?

Very happy Texas Cows!

3 thoughts on “Photo(s) Of The Day – Not Facebook Friends

  1. Cows are under-rated, What a beauty she is! I bet she’s a real sweetie. How about a nice forehead rub? MOOOOOOOO!

  2. I wish you could have seen them the day we brought in a longhorn steer home, they all ran to the dividing fence and were checking him out. You have never heard such snorting and mooing. Still cracks me up.

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