Twelve chicks are a lot of little bodies in a 2 X 2 space.  Now that the babies are two weeks old, they are needing more space to stretch their wings and practice their free-ranging.  Therefore, yesterday, I improvised a play yard for them, with plastic on the kitchen floor, allowing them to briefly escape the confines of their safe house.These little yellow and black chicks are more adventurous than their all-yellow nest mates.  In fact, they were out the door before I could grab the camera, so ready were they to explore.  I don’t think a plastic groundcover is what they were expecting, though.I think the two on the left are mooning me.  Or, maybe they are checking out the dust bunnies under the cabinets.They were so happy, jumping and flapping and pseudo-flying!  That tweetie-pie in the doorway was just begging me to watch her.  “Look, Mom!  Watch me!  See?  See what I can do?  I can go really high!  Look, look!  Mom, watch me!”  And, then, she really did go really high…maybe, four or five inches.
This week the babies will transition to their new home, a former bunny hutch out in the chicken house.  It is a 3 X 6 enclosure, so there will be plenty of room for babies and their aeronautical attempts.  A few weeks there, then they will be ready to move again, to a new and improved, hopefully baby-proofed, chicken house.  One they can’t es-cap-e′.

4 thoughts on “Es-cap-e′!

    • Not only are their bottoms fluffy, but some of them have fluffy feet, Claudia! I’ve never had any with feathers on their legs and feet. I really need to figure out what I received in my “grab bag ‘o chicks” shipment.

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