Missing Baby Boomers Sighted in “The Big Easy”

Azaleas in Bloom

The Klose’s children first reported their parents missing early Saturday morning.  The oldest son stated he became concerned when he pulled into the driveway of his folk’s home and could not hear the tv.  On further investigation he noted that he could not smell bacon cooking when approaching the house.  The out-of-town children were soon contacted, all stated that it was very unusual for their parents to go anywhere besides the farm during the winter months. The youngest son stated “Mom called Friday, she didn’t leave a message, I was going to call  her back but I got busy.” A daughter stated she hadn’t seen her mom show up on Google Chat  all morning.  All the information was taken by the authorities and an APB was issued. A “Silver Alert” was not issued at this time.  The younger daughter ask that the authorities hold off issuing a “Silver Alert” stating that her dad had been a little stressed lately but no crazier than usual.

St. Louis Cathedral

Early Sunday morning the children were notified that their parents had possibly been seen in the Crescent City attending mass at St Louis Cathedral and then eating at the Gumbo Shop.  When the authorities tried to approach the couple they slipped into the crowd on Bourbon St. and were lost.  The second oldest son stated he wasn’t sure that was his parents, he was relatively sure they wouldn’t get out of bed until Sunday Morning on CBS was over. That same evening authorities found them at Pat O’Brien’s  piano lounge.  They stayed their distance due to the crowed being fairly rowdy.

New Orléans Cemetery

On Monday the couple were again spotted getting on a tour bus.  That same evening they were seen on Decatur St. swaying to street music. Again, it was a pretty rowdy “post Mardi Gras” crowd. Street BandTuesday the authorities caught up with the couple at the New Orléans School of Cooking  just as they were receiving their diploma.  They still reeked of etouffee.

The New Orleans School of Cooking

They were informed of the children’s concerns.  The couple assured the authorities that they had spent all of their children’s inheritance and had all the fun in the “City that Care Forgot” they could take. They would be leaving early Wednesday morning after having Beignets at Cafe Du Monde.Cafe Du Monde

Post Mardi Gras

1 thought on “Missing Baby Boomers Sighted in “The Big Easy”

  1. That is so cute. I’m about that couple’s age (maybe a little older) and it would be such fun to take a trip like that.

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