The Best Seat in the House

With ten comfy, hay-lined nest boxes in the Chicken Love shack, there is plenty of room for The Girls to take care of their henny-penny business in semi-private comfort. There is no need for the drama of a hostile take-over. However…

…it appears, in the egg layin’ business, it’s all about location.

Last week, Estelline was not happy with her accommodations, and felt Paloma should vacate her plush digs or, at least, take on a roommate.In all fairness, Estelline was willing to sub-let.

She felt the new place was so much airy-er than hers.

Aside for the blatant violation of fire and safety codes, at this point in the “negotiations” a judge had to be summoned. It was determined that Hen House rules strictly prohibit eviction based on the grounds of “because I want it”. Therefore, Estelline was ordered back to her original location, leaving Paloma with ruffled feathers, but, once again, in possession of the best seat in the house.However, in true Chicken Love style, Paloma eventually agreed to a time-share compromise, allowing use of the prime real estate during her absence.The End. Or, is it the beginning?

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