Revel-ing at Revel Manor

Well, THAT was FUN!

But, maybe, “reveling” is not the right word.  Reveling is kind of rowdy, after all, and my companions and I certainly did not “engage in lively and noisy festivities, esp. those which involve drinking and dancing” while at Revel Manor in Graham, Texas.  We were parents, after all, in town to support our One-Act Play students, so THAT kind of “reveling” would have been completely inappropriate!

However, the owner/proprietor of Revel Manor served us great coffee and yummy croissants, and encouraged us to tour her wonderful special occasion venue, which includes a lovely, antique-filled Victorian-era home, a patio/garden and a cute-as-a-button carriage house.  So, if lively drinking coffee and noisily dancing up and down the back stairs constitutes “reveling”, then reveling, we were.

On With the Tour!

From the bright, cheery foyer…

…to the elegant front parlor, the home has beautifully restored features and wonderfully creative decor.

I did not get photos of the dining rooms, as the owner was meeting with prospective “revelers”, and I didn’t want to intrude.  But, down the back hallway, tucked behind the stairs, the ground floor bathroom was afforded privacy by adding the frosted-glass panel in front of the street-view window.  Great idea.

And, honestly, don’t we all deserve a chandelier in the bathroom?

Moving upstairs to the Bridal Suite,…

…the room is a palette of cream-colored loveliness.  And, I am completely in love with…

…this antler tree.  So much so, I had to show it twice!  Such an unexpected element, and a great masculine touch in a frilly, feminine room.

There were several of these beautiful windows in the house.  The upstairs room pictured here was full of petticoats and hats and costumes and jewelry.  Despite the overall genteel atmosphere of Revel Manor, this room may live up to the name.  Clearly, this is the room for Little Girl Dress-up Parties.  Pure revelry!

After finishing our tour inside the main house, our party of three moved outside.  We were greeted by a beautiful sight and a gorgeous springtime Texas morning.So many interesting garden pretties to discover and explore in the backyard/patio area.  I was particularly smitten with the three-panel wrought iron screen in the corner.  Oh, my goodness, so many possibilities!

And, when we looked to our right……is there anything more luscious than heavy, heavenly-scented boughs of wisteria?  Well, I practically buried myself in these blossoms when I saw them!  (I might have even reveled in them.)  The color, the fragrance, the incredible grape-cluster blooms; such a beautifully unusual plant!  This cascading vine directed our attention towards the carriage house awaiting our investigation.  But, first, one more photo of wisteria:The white picket fence is a nice touch, don’t you think?

The carriage house, now known as the Revel Inn Guesthouse, is a quaint, eclectic bed-and-breakfast full of clever, creative touches:

It’s kind of Retro Rough-hewn Boho meets Vintage Shabby French Country Modern.  Yes, THAT eclectic.  It’s fabulous.In fact, the carriage house may be more my style.  I’m certain I could live there.

As showtime neared, it was time to end our tour, and walk the block back to Graham Memorial Auditorium, which, by the way, is pretty fabulous, itself.  The $1.8 million renovation was recently completed, and it is a spectacular performance venue.

But, first, I paused again at the wisteria…

…and, lingered on the veranda…..

I was so tuckered out from reveling in all the beauty of Revel Manor, I felt faint, and may have rested briefly on the wicker lounge, before departing for the theatre.

Think Tara.  Think Southfork.  Think Downton Abbey-on-the-Brazos.

We had a wonderful, informative, relaxing visit at Revel Manor.  You should plan your visit soon.  Graham is just a gem of a small Texas town, and Revel Manor is its crown jewel.

One final note:  I am ecstatic to report that our One-Act players gave a stellar performance of “Is He Dead?” at the District competition in Graham, and will be advancing to Area competition in a couple of weeks.

We were all crazy-excited when the results were announce.

Much revelry ensued.

4 thoughts on “Revel-ing at Revel Manor

    • Thanks, Billie! The tour was fun, but, of course, the highlight of the day was our kids’ play advancing in the competition. It occurs to me you could write several books on bed-and-breakfasts AND one-act plays.

  1. You are such a writer! I am impressed. But now I know what real people do while someone like me paints wrinkles on their children. But I wouldn’t trade….that’s my revelry!

    • Thanks, Karen! Yes, I’m afraid we were having too much fun while you focused and prepared for an outstanding performance. I know you wouldn’t trade, and that’s a very good thing!

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