The War Zone

Our peaceful garden has turned into a major war zone.  The garden has been invaded by several  variety of caterpillars and army worms.  We are determined to annihilate them! In a very short time they have managed to destroy the lettuce and breakdown and eat  the onion tops. Many of the leaves on the potato vines look like Battenberg lace.We are fighting back with an arsenal of lady bugs,wasps, and one on one attacks.  Each morning and evening my husband and I hand pluck the enemy from the foliage. Just this morning we removed  over 300 caterpillars.  Hopefully in the morning more wasps and ladybugs will have hatched, for I prefer to be picking peas than caterpillars!

4 thoughts on “The War Zone

  1. Pests are a problem here too. Until this year, we’ve used a dust of some sort. We plan to try to be more natural this year, but I can’t for the life of me think of a natural way to fight cut worms.

    • Thank you for visiting our blog. Howard Garrett (The Dirt Doctor) recommends Trichogramma wasps, and beneficial nematodes. Also cutworm collars or placing fireplace ashes or ground orange rind around the base of the plants works. If you find a damaged or cut plant scratch the soil and water heavily. The cutworms will float out then you can feed them to the chickens. Good Luck!

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