Victory on the Home Front

After weeks of fighting garden pests we seem to have won the battle, for a while anyway.  The War Zone is now a peaceful productive plot and we are enjoying the rewards of our efforts in eliminating the pests without  chemicals of any kind.

We have enjoyed tender beet greens steamed with tiny beets.  Soon we will have roasted mature beets to eat and plenty left for freezing.Our second picking of peas.  We have already enjoyed creamed peas and new potatoes.Fresh green onions have accompanied most meals.  The bulbs are starting to swell and mature.We have had new potatoes twice,  being careful when we scratch for them, to leave a few on each plant to mature in to larger potatoes.

Today we will have bread, butter, and radish sandwiches for lunch.

A large kale salad will go with the radish sandwiches. Maybe we will have a few kale chips made from the large leaf plants.By Friday we should be harvesting our first bush beans.I’m sure the war in the garden isn’t over.  We spied some very small grasshoppers this morning but for now we are going to enjoy the harvest.

Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration.
Lou Erickson

3 thoughts on “Victory on the Home Front

  1. I’m “green” with envy that you are eating from your garden already – mine is just barely getting started… Enjoy the fruits of your labor and hail to the victor!

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