Out There…It’s Heavenly

I-20 West. It’s the road to heaven. Also known as Far West Texas and the Big Bend.

I am always in a hurry to get out there.
Never, ever in a hurry to leave there.
And, always, yearning to be there.

So, I go, traveling by way of Interstate 20 and its long stretches of beautiful nothingness. Nine hours, several spent at a cruise-controlled 80 mph., takes me to a place of magical, healing powers. A place that clears my befuddled brain, sharpens my senses, and super-charges my heart.

My attraction to this place is intense, and I embrace it with abandon.

It empties my soul of darkness, and fills it back up with stars.

It makes me think anything is possible, if only for the space in which to dream it.

The thought of being lost in it does not frighten me. In fact, it makes me feel brave and daring to venture into a land so vast and challenging. Admittedly, venturing in a truck with A/C and GPS is not terribly daring. However, on a recent trip there, my GPS girl was equally lost…and, happy. She even stopped telling me to make a legal u-turn.

Land of Contrasts? I believe that term was coined here. The sounds. The stillness. The wind. The colors. The convection-oven heat. The mountain chill. The dark. The beautiful, desolate landscape, so full of light and life. The endless, constellation-packed sky. Yin-yang. Complete balance.

My photos and words cannot fully describe or do justice to the beauty of Far West Texas. Truly, you just have to experience it for yourself.

So, please, never pass up an opportunity to be there.

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9 thoughts on “Out There…It’s Heavenly

    • Billie, Debi said it was pretty and Mary said it was shaped like a heart, but they both said that they dislike snakes…strongly! It really was beautiful, but I had Gabriel take the photo. (What kind of mother does that?) Thanks for your comment!

  1. You express yourself so beautifully! In word and in pictures. Thanks for sharing! Does look like a heavenly place to visit.

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