Volcanoes and Ladybugs

Leaving Clayton,New Mexico we traveled a mere 54 miles north-west on hwy 64/87 to Capulin, New Mexico.  We set our trailer up in Capulin RV Park.  The RV park has 29 sites and appears to be the biggest business in town. The population is listed at 286.  There is no post office. We did find one small gift/antique store, a convenience store, a taxidermist., and Sintas Artistic Stone Carving.

The Road to Capulin Volcano

The next morning we drove 3 miles to Capulin Volcano National Monument.  The volcano is a cinder cone volcano between 58,000 & 62,000 years old.   A paved road took us to the top where we hiked the rim and down into the mouth of the volcano.

Karl on the trail to the mouth of the volcano

The view from the 1000 foot top was incredible, the densely populated volcano and the arid landscape surrounding the volcano makes for an amazing experience.

View from the rim

While hiking we found large numbers of ladybugs (Convergent Lady Beetle).

The ladybugs take part in a wind carried migration to the highest points of the volcano, feed all summer and  hibernate on the volcano. In February the survivors catch a warm current to the south to feed and reproduce.  Leaving the volcano we traveled west to the small town of Folsom.  With a population of only 80 people this village has a small but very informative  museum.

Folsom Museum

Folsom is known as the site of a significant archaeological discovery when, following a large flash flood in Wild Horse Arroyo, a local resident  discovered a large number of bison bones, some with embedded stone spear heads. The bones were later dated at 10,000 BC.  The museum has many of the artifacts from the Folsom Man Discovery and in-depth exhibits about the town’s history.

After a quick-lunch in Raton, NM our next stop would be in Colorful Colorado.

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